From Idea to Realization

Wonderful ideas must not fail. That is why Smartup helps organizations to develop and accelerate technology-driven innovations in a smarter way.

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A large part of the startups fail in the first two to three years. We think that is a pity and we believe that for many startups, large and small, this can be prevented by working on the right things in a goal oriented manner. In most cases this can be summarized in the following points:


It’s important to have momentum. A good idea has to start making money as quickly as possible. Don’t get stuck in the development phase without money coming in. Only then will the idea be viable from the start. You can add the finishing touches later.


Innovation costs enough before it starts to pay off. So you have to spend the limited resources on what matters most. By prioritizing you ensure that you work on what is necessary to take the next step. Other issues are less relevant at that time.

Apply balance

Most people prefer to do what they like and are often the best at it. But this is not always what is needed. Commercial and technological developments must go hand in hand. With a great product for which there is no market, you will never make a difference.

Accelerating innovation

Contributing to a potentially great success gives us energy. We work for a variety of clients who have one thing in common, they work on technological developments with a tangible end result. If you also want to accelerate your innovative idea, check the following pages to see what we can do for you, or contact us directly for a no-obligation introductory meeting.