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Smartup supports and unburdens corporates in the field of start-up and scale-up development. This can be done in various ways; from fully managing a project to carrying out specific partial assignments such as a feasibility study, site investigation, due diligence investigation or setting up a business case.

New initiatives often emerge within organizations that transition from lab and pilot to demo scale, after which the big step must be taken to produce the product on a large scale and successfully market it.

When new initiatives deviate too much from the core business of the organization, existing working methods and procedures can have an delaying effect. Innovation processes often benefit much more from a dynamic working method or “start-up mentality” in which speed and agility play a crucial role in achieving the desired result. Companies are often reluctant to apply this dynamic approach, because it is associated with a lack of control.

We understand the dilemma …

..and we help companies by dividing innovation projects into clear phases and thus guaranteeing project control. At the same time, we ensure that the project team is given the space to work as a start-up and can maintain momentum.

Managing risks

We guide the project from phase to phase in which the risks are well known and managed. We do this on the basis of the core areas of the business case (market, CapEx, OpEx and technology). Together we make a distinction between important risks and risks that matter less. Creating an environment in which the team can focus on mitigating the greatest risks.

We quickly provide insight into the feasibility of the idea. After each phase, the client has the choice to proceed to the next phase, or to discontinue the project, thereby minimizing the risk of capital loss.

Project management with an entrepreneurial mindset

At Smartup we are very experienced in project management. However, Smartup’s mentality is such that it is used in a functional and pragmatic way: We do what is necessary, we don’t do things that only partly contribute or don’t contribute at all. No unnecessary bureaucracy and waste of time.

Smartup works on the issues that matter at the end of each phase to help the project to the next phase with a solid business case, and to be able to put the product on the market as quickly as possible.

Key resources

Often, resources will be made available to the project from the customer organisation itself, but if that is not possible, Smartup has a network with specialists in the fields of finance, legal affairs, IP, business development, technology, chemistry, etc. We therefore offer the possibility to supply the missing key resources and to supplement the necessary disciplines in the project team. Which disciplines are needed depends on the phase the project is in.

Our approach

In advance, after one or more conversations with the client, a clear plan of action is drawn up, including the scope; goal, required budget, deliverables, time frame and which resources are needed per phase.

During the project, we coordinate progress and intermediate results achieved and make adjustments if necessary. In this role, Smartup is the representative of the principal, so that he/she can continue to focus on the day-to-day business.

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